Thursday, September 11, 2014

having fun with watercolour

playing with my windsor and newton watercolour set and having a lovely time

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

why I love paper wings (and other illustration/art podcasts)

When I am doodling away in my little studio I love to listen to artistic podcasts. It reminds me of being in a group studio whilst studying for my degree, the background chatter of people discussing a very particular subject. 

My favourite podcast of the moment is the paperwings podcast (hosted by Lora InnesJustin Copeland and Chris Oatley) or any of the podcasts created by Chris Oatley. The man seems to be really driven and intent on helping others reach their artistic potential. There is loads of excellent advice available and some really interesting articles on his website.

I don't really use photoshop for colouring but after listening to a few of his casts I have been inspired to give it a go again, using my little wacom bamboo (which I thoroughly recomend). 

The podcasts for paperwings are here.
All of the Chris Oatley podcasts are here

If you get a chance, head over to one of the links and check out the podcasts. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Abraham Lincoln, famous people from history

I really like to study famous people, espcially those from history. Lincoln seems to have changed the world that we live in, he seems to have had a possitive impact on the world. I say seems, there is always a chance that we look back on him with rose tinted lenses, though it does look like he was a really powerful and important man.

I like the challenge of capturing the likeness of the person and linking that likeness with representative items from their life.

You can find out more about the man by visiting these websites

White House Lincoln page

Wiki page

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

mr punch, as well as my love for traditional cartoons

I use techniques that would be very familiar to artists like Tenniel, Dulac and Searle. I love a bit of dip pen action, even though you do get covered in ink. Also, your floor gets covered in ink if you are not careful.

I have thought about where my love for drawing and illustration comes from and I have decided that the history books that I used to read at secondary school we a big influence on my artistic sensibilities. The cartoons from the two world wars as well as the victorian cartoons about poverty and vice really ingnited my imagination. I have a collection of books on the subject over politcal cartoons my favourite of which is a the cartoon century.  In honour of the publication that was responsible for many of the wonderful cartoons created to illustrate the events of the last century, I have created mr punch. Punch magazine has a wonderful website and I suggest that you go and have a look at it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

illustration heroes, Ronald Searle

Ronal Searle is one of my all time heroes, both as an artist and as a person. He had an interesting tour of duty during the second world war, nearly dying several times in a prisoner of war camp. During his time in the camp he risks everything to steal/borrow/improvise paper to draw on. You can see his war drawings in the book To the Kwai and Back. His life has been captured in a biography by Russell Davies. I love the line and wash that he used to create his images. I was always aware of the St. Trinians images but I didn't grow to love his work until I saw his reportage illustrations.